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Find out in advance our new technology

We are working on the new software Dromt4bestShot which is now in Development Phase, and we want to build a product that best fits your needs.

But, to do this, we need to understand them as much as possible!

If you have a drone, please help us to hit the market sooner by filling out this quick survey, your contribution is very important for us.

You will find out in advance our new technology!

What do we Do

We are an innovative startup operating in the field of drones and artificial intelligence. We develop innovative solutions to make drones "smart" and autonomous.

Our software is able to interface with the drones on the market and make them capable of things that before they could not do. For example our software of photography optimization enables the drone to take technically perfect photos in a totally autonomous way, from the take-off to the landing.

This allows everyone who has a drone, or is willing to buy one, to get more functionalities from it by using tailor-made applications.

Imagine that there is a software to automate your old car, Dromt works just like that, it is able to automate your common photographic drone.

Why Dromt?

Unique and Innovative

Entertains customers

Sponsor your business

Photo Optimization

We are currently developing software that can automate photography.

Our software has been developed in order to offer our contribution in the common fight against the virus Covid19.



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