Dromt vs Covid-19

During this hard time, we feel the duty to help our Country as much as in our possibilities in order to face this invisible enemy. Due to this difficult situation, we developed the new proprietary software DromtVsCovid19: a real help to the police to control that the measures taken by the government are respectedand grant people's safety.

The proprietary autonomous monitoring software allows drones to follow a given route recording a video during its flight. Once back to the starting point, the video is processed in a few minutes by our software which is able to analyse and report potential gatherings in the monitored area, computing the distance between people.

Why Dromt?

Computes the distance between people

Gives the alarm in case of gathering

Ensures high level security

Do better, if possible
And it's always possible

Some Italian municipalities already use drones in order to control that people respect the measures of quarantine. However these drones require an expert drone pilot. Instead Dromt is a completely autonomous system.
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