About Us

Dromt is born in 2018 by the idea of its founders: Stefano Bazzolo, Luca Testa and Dario Gamba. Soon, the team was reinforced by the entrance of the other three partners Alessandro Olivero, Gianluca Scopelliti and Davide Pagetto.

The innovative startup was founded by the six partners, thanks to their passion for innovation and their belief in “leaving this world a little better than you found it”; they like to imagine a world in which flying a drone is not an expensive and difficult operation but a natural and simple thing.

Since the beginning, Dromt had the purpose to make all drones autonomous and intelligent, by developing proprietary softwares which are based on the most advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Thanks to the hard work of the members, their experience and passion, the idea of Dromt is become a real project, leading us to give birth to the first proprietary software: a software thought for any local with outdoor area and/or outdoor event, which let to take perfect photos giving to the guests a unique experience and leaving them a great memory saved on their smartphone.

Let’s innovate, future will follow us!

In the next future, Dromt will continue its work into the innovation’s field of drones, spreading its technology to other different markets and businesses: we will develop softwares that will make drones useful for different usages in many areas, in order to meet every different customers’ need. Our main aspiration remains to make each drone intelligent: yours too!


Luca Testa
CEO. Business Area

Stefano Bazzolo
CFO. Business Area

Dario Gamba
COO. Business Area

Alessandro Olivero
CTO. Software Area

Gianluca Scopelliti
CIO. Software Area

Davide Pagetto
CMO. Marketing Area


Send us an email at info@dromt.it

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